PhD Students

G-Research offers University of Cambridge and University of Oxford PhD students researching in the area of mathematical finance and quantitative methods the chance to win scholarships of £10,000 in the Michaelmas term. The scholarships are open to PhD students who recently completed or expect to complete in 2016, and who have a research interest in mathematical finance.

Students who wish to apply should submit an electronic copy of their draft dissertation, an excerpt thereof, or a comparable substantial piece of work such as a publication, a working paper etc.

The closing date is 1st December with awards being announced 19th January. For full details of the application procedure please email graduates@gresearch.co.uk

Undergraduates and Masters Students

We sponsor prizes for academic excellence at Imperial College, London which are awarded through the department to students of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science. These students are first, second and final year high achievers, who produce outstanding project work and show marked improvement throughout the year. At Cambridge University we offer prizes for the best first year Computer Science student & best part 1B project, as well as donating a number of prizes to the 3rd year Engineering Department.


Efron created a set of dice for which "red beats green beats blue beats white beats red", each with 66.7% probability.

Can you do better?

Can you improve on the 66.7%? What if the dice are replaced by arbitrary random variables? What is the best "mutual beating probability" if you have only three dice? Or more than four?

Please send your work and any proof or justification you can provide along with your CV to hiring@gresearch.co.uk.